What do I recommend to a first time mom?

Things I learned after my first pregnancy/delivery/home coming experience…

First time moms often have so many questions for those who have “been there and done that” with the labor, delivery, and home coming process. One started an advice thread, and there were so many great bits. Here are some of my personal tips and some of my favorites mentioned.

It started with this thread on babycenter.com:   http://community.babycenter.com/post/a34434985/btdt_advice_thread

My advice (Yes we are getting REAL here people):

Read this entire post so that you can not only laugh, but have some great tips: dearbabyblog.com/post/4718750068/a-…

Vaginal Deliveries: Use the squirt bottle they give you from the hospital to clean your oh-so-tender lady parts… warm water feels best. Also use the witch hazel and dermoplast.– and take your Doc seriously about the waiting to have sex thing. It takes a while to get your groove back.

Trust your instincts. If you feel something isn’t right with you or your baby, call a doctor. If it turns out to be nothing or its normal- at least they gave you peace of mind that it is nothing to worry about.

TAKE STOOL SOFTENERS!! So you don’t have to push anything else out! A baby should be enough!   Also take the anti-inflammatory meds they give you. It’s just a higher dose of Motrin usually, but it really seemed to help.

Drink plenty of fluids. You’ll hear that a lot. It’s really true. 🙂

Have LOTS of breast pads handy for the first 2-3 days after you come home and your milk comes in!! Yowzah!!

Make a basket of granola bars/snacks, breast pads, extra burp rags, etc so that when you sit down to breastfeed you have all your things handy.

– And have a big bottle/glass/mug/cup of water, and your boppy or other pillow there too!

Nursing tank tops: You can make them! And for WAY less $!   Go to this site: thejensonjaunts.blogspot.com/2011/0…

Nursing: Use a safety pin or small hair clip to pin on the strap of your nursing bra. Pin it to the side you leave of with, so you can start on that side next time you breastfeed.

Know that your body will eventually look nice again. During that very hormonal week after birth I stood in the shower, looking at my body complete with GIANT breasts, stretch marks, and belly flab and just cried. Nothing felt or looked my own any more. My husband just did a lot of hugging during that time.

– Remember to give your spouse hugs too! It is important you two stay connected and united, and at times it is an effort.

TAKE PICTURES! Take sweet pics of your baby with every one you love. Especially parents/grandparents. I lost my grandfather when our daughter was less than a year. I still treasure the picture I have of him holding her as a baby.

Above all- Enjoy your precious baby. They grow so fast before your eyes. Stare at them, marvel at them. Soak up every moment.

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PS- Mamas out there–Please comment if you have any great tips to add from your own experience!

(These are just helpful tips,  no judgement here on any mom’s choices)


5 thoughts on “What do I recommend to a first time mom?

  1. Ohhh my gracious, ready that list and your list definitely feels like a blast from the past! I wish I had them to read two years ago!

    It’s so fascinating how different each Mom’s experience is. Having a c-section AND formula feeding from hour one was my main experience. (having a surgical wound was a little painful, but golly sounds like a joy-ride compared to having squirt bottles and frozen maxis…)

    Formula feeding is so “out” right now, and for good reason. I wish I had done more research on MAKING a formula powder rather than just relying on the healthfulness of a simulated formula blend. Although my little one was always healthy and satisfied, knowing what I know now about synthetic formulas I would certainly opt for a homemade recipe. Mama’s who need to return to medication immediately after delivery and don’t have the option of breat feeding should look into “natural” formulas and/or making your own.

    Here is a helpful little tip for the first weeks after c-sect when you’re laid up in a recliner (not even your own bed!!! Boo…):
    -My precious hubby would get out of the bed to retrieve our hungry little one. (This was really a blessing, and made for a good system. I didn’t have to strain my incision, and he was able to bond with our daughter at feeding time.) he would put a new diaper on her, then bring her in the living room to me. While he was diapering I would get the bottle ready. (One of the BEST things we ever did as formula-feeding from day-one was to leave the formula at room temp! I never ONCE had to heat a bottle). I would have three or four bottles pre-filled with water next to my recliner and a nifty little separated measuring tupperware with the pre-measured formula powder ready to be added to the water. This little system got us through until I was back at %100. And I’m convinced it played at huge role in a quick recovery!

    • Thank you for commenting– I am glad that those with c-sections can get some good tips from you, and moms who are formula feeding. My daughter was on formula after a few months– I didn’t even think of making it myself, but that does seem like a really good idea too! Sounds like you had a great system all worked out with your hubby! 🙂

  2. The stool softeners are not just for vaginal delivery! And keep taking them once you get home! I will say that I skipped spouse hugging for a week or so, but that was more due to the giant aching incision on my abdomen.

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