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38 weeks and counting!

Saw our Doc this morning:
July 19th we go in to be induced and finally meet our sweet pea!! I will be 39 weeks, 1 day! So if it doesnt happen sooner- then we at least know that by the 19/20th (depending on how long the induction takes) we will get to hold our little girl! So excited! 🙂

This has been quite the wait considering they thought I’d have her at 29.5 weeks when I pPROM’d, but SO worth every day! (and I know it’s not nearly as long as some mommies have waited– one mom I know went on for over 100 days after pPROM!) Our sweet pea continues to do great in there, heartbeat is strong and fluid levels are great! God is SO good. What a great start to the day!